Executive Health Clinic

Our Executive Health Clinic’s team ensures that you will be personally taken care of and get a first-class experience, from consultation to examination and appointments.

We understand your busy schedule and other commitments which are keeping you away from finding time for your health examination. The Executive Health Clinic at Hameed Latif Hospital is the right place for comprehensive medical care at an accelerated rate so that such patients may find it easy to attend their health.

We promise on time checkups, high end intensive care and state-of-the-art treatment for those taking time out of their running routine. Our dedicated team of specialists keep abreast of latest technology and has designed Executive Health Packages to meet the requirements of both privileged and under privileged.

Disorders such as hypertension, diabetes, ischemic heart diseases, renal and liver disorders can act as silent killers and are related with your lifestyle. These diseases maybe symptom-free at the earlier stages which might make you neglect them. However, early detection and proper medical care can help you in preventing them. At HLH Executive Clinic, we offer special packages according to your needs:

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