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Department of Cardiac and Vascular Surgery

Section of Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery under the Department of Surgery at the Hameed Latif Hospital provides quality care for common and complex cardiothoracic (involved with heart, lungs and other organs in the chest) & vascular conditions (involved with blockages in the arteries and veins, blood clots, and any other disorder requiring the surgical intervention of blood vessels).

The field of cardiac surgery is extremely diverse demanding technical specialties, which our trained cardiac surgeons excel in. In the operating room, our specialized surgeons, physicians, ECG technicians and nursing staff provide compassionate care, streamlined services using latest technologies, providing you with excellent results.

The department takes pride in its skilled staff, backed up by modern cardiothoracic and vascular surgery services, state-of-the-art multipurpose Operation Theatre and fully equipped Coronary Care Unit and Cardiothoracic ICU (CCU) for critical patients. Our department carries out a variety of surgeries, from the repair of congenital heart defects in infants to coronary bypass surgeries in octogenarians. Our multidisciplinary team consists of highly qualified surgeons, anesthetists, technicians, perfusionists and nurses. For emergency patients, we have 24-hour Accident & Emergency Centre and a specialized team for stabilization and treatment of the patient.

Which Cardiothoracic surgeries are offered at Hameed Latif Hospital?

The department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Hameed Latif Hospital provides quality care for common and complex cardiothoracic (heart, lungs and other organs in the chest) conditions. If you need heart or vascular surgery, we make it our goal to maximize your safety and comfort while ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Our highly qualified and trained surgeons diagnose and treat various heart, lungs, and chest conditions using the latest innovations and techniques.


  • Heart failure and other heart conditions including coronary artery disease
  • Diseases and blockages of the heart valves
  • Cancer and other diseases of the lung
  • Other cardio-thoracic conditions
  • Which vascular surgeries are offered at Hameed Latif Hospital?

Advanced care to patients with a wide variety of complex conditions is delivered by the Department of Vascular Surgery. Our experienced team provides lifesaving surgical care to patients suffering from vascular and thoracic trauma such as road traffic accidents, gun-wounds, while catering to common vascular conditions like varicose veins, abdominal aortic aneurysm and performing arteriovenous fistulas for dialysis patients.

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