On the 5th floor is the 20 bed, multi-disciplinary intensive care unit (ICU), perhaps the finest facility of its type in the provincial capital. It is managed by a senior registrar with a team of specialists and nurses especially trained to look after patients requiring acute care, round the clock.
At Hameed Latif MICU, the nursing ratio of 1:2, i.e. one nurse for every two patients is on a par with the world standard for critical care units. And being multidisciplinary the Unit is equipped to handle patients from various specialties in which consultants work closely with residents to ensure best possible care for the patient.

Every one of the 20 beds is fitted exclusively with a bedside cardiac monitor, central oxygen supply, IV lines and pumps and other specialized, highly advanced electronic monitoring equipment. The ICU is designed and equipped to handle both non-invasive and intensive respiratory support for patients needing it, including new advanced ventilators and arterial blood gas machine for better assessment of patients on ventilator support.

A special area has been built in to the design to facilitate emergency surgical intervention and resuscitation of trauma patients.