A state of the art 19 bedded multi-disciplinary Critical Care Unit located on 5th Floor

Our Critical Care Team provides care for a wide range of medical and surgical problems, including those with bariatric, gynecological, obstetric, trauma, renal, neurological, cardiac conditions

The critical Care Team of Hameed Latif Hospital provides both patients and their families with the top level of care in an environment of kindness, dignity, and respect. Our multidisciplinary approach to patient care ensures that every aspect of treatment is carefully planned within a comfortable and safe environment. The critical care team supports the care of inpatients across all our specialties.

Critical Care Services include:

Intensive care units

Our intensive care unit provides compassionate and quality care for critically ill patients with complex needs. They provide care for those requiring advanced respiratory support (ventilation), advanced renal support (hemofiltration), and other complex therapies. Our patient-to-nurse ratio is 1:1.


There are two Critical Care Consultant-led rounds: One in the morning and one in the evening. Critical Care Junior consultants are present 24/7 in the unit.

Nursing staff on the unit are all specially trained to a high level and patients are seen daily by a multi-disciplinary team, the physiotherapists, dieticians, clinical pharmacists, and others as necessary to meet their needs.


High Dependency Units

These patients require close monitoring and single organ support.

Surgical High Dependency Unit

Our Critical Care Team provides care for patients with high-risk co-morbidities undergoing complex surgical procedures in 8 bedded Surgical High Dependency Unit.

Critical Care Outreach Services

Critical Care Outreach Team in Hameed Latif Hospital is involved in providing early, skilled assistance to staff onwards or departments caring for patients who deteriorate, attempting to prevent further deterioration and, when appropriate, arrange for them to be admitted to Intensive Care Unit.

Post Intensive Care Service

Critical Care Team is actively involved in the Post-Critical Care Follow-up Clinic providing care and support to patients who are at risk of Post-Intensive Care Syndrome.