Wellness Club

Wellness club is an initiative of Hameed Latif hospital taken for the well-being of women which entails following of the services and benefits:


  •    Free Consultation in Central Emergency
  •    Functional and Nutritional Assessment
  •    Bone Density Test and Osteoporosis
  •   Weight Assessment and Management
  •   Stress Management and Psychological Support
  •    Management of Post-menopausal Women
  •   Strengthening of Pelvic Muscles After SVD
  •    Pregnancy and Diet for a Healthier Outcome
  •   Pregnancy and exercise for normal delivery
  •    Dietary Management & Exercise
  •   Back Pain management
  •    Neck Pain management
  •   Muscle Tightening & Toning Exercise
  •   Physical Posture Correction
  •   Aerobics
  •   Management & Support for Growing Young Women
  •   Parental Support for Special Children


Prestige of the following benefits is for esteemed members of wellness club

  •    Free Dental Consultation With 10% Off on Scaling and Polishing
  •    20% Off on All Lab tests
  •    15% Off on Mammography & Pap Smear
  •   10% Off on X-rays and Ultrasounds
  •   10% Off At the OPM Café
  •   5% Off on Special Aloe Vera Products
  •   10% Off on Physiotherapy Services
  •   Improved Blood Circulation edma and Genealogical Problems/li>
  •   Hot Pack Therapy for Sprain & Arthritis
  •   10% Off on Medical Nutritional Therapy

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