The Department of Diagnostic Radiology is one of the best in Punjab with advanced and modern imaging equipment providing the fullest range of radiological and ultrasound diagnostic services. The department performs thousands of radiological and ultrasound procedures every year. The department is run by highly qualified radiologists and technical staff. The department is recognized by PNRA of Pakistan. The department adheres to all patient and staff safety standards. The reports initiated by the department are reliable and timely. The department provides 24 hour services to all emergency and clinical departments. The radilogical and ultrasound services being offered are as under:

  •    CT Scan
  •   Flouroscopy
  •   Mammography
  •   Digital X-Ray
  •   3D and 4D Ultrasound Imaging
  •   Echocardiogram

Our Doctor's

Dr Awais Ahmed

Speciality: Radiology