Quality Health Care

  1. All Types of Surgical and Medical Care is Provided by qualified and experienced Doctors and Nurses

  2. State of the art Paediatric department with excellent neonatal services and paediatric surgery.

  3. 24 hrs Emergency services are available backed by 5 O.Ts, and Surgical I.C.U & Medical I.C.U wards.

  4. 24 hrs availability of blood and its products at the Blood Bank ensures efficient patient care.

  5. Arif Laboratory has its own internal and external quality management program to ensure credibility and reliability of Laboratory tests.

  6. Post-Op ward has monitored beds to ensure that all patients are monitored for vital signs and oxygen saturation as  recommended by the Consultants.

  7. Advanced air purification technology is being utilized to ensure clean air inside the operation theater complex, and Ozone disinfection is being carried out regularly in the O.Ts.

  8. Efficient and skilled Nursing & support departments ensure patient satisfaction.

  9. Well equipped CSSD ensures that operations are being conducted according to International Standards of sterilization.

  10. Hospital Infectious Waste Management ensures safety for the hospital employees as well as patients and their attendants.

  11. World renowned Infertility Center providing I.U.I & I.V.F.

  12. TQM is being exercised in the hospital to provide an environment in which state of the art patient care is being provided to ensure prompt patient recovery and rehabilitation.