jahnzaib khan Chief Pharmacist

Jahan Zeb Khan

Chief Pharmacist

Arif-Saleem Purchase Manager

Arif Saleem

Purchase Manager

Dr.-Tooba rehan female Pharmacis

Dr. Tooba Rehan

Female Pharmacis

Arif-Mehmood HR Officer

Arif Mahmood

HR Officer

About us:

Med Plus Pharmacy was established in Hameed Latif Hospital in 2005.It was named initially as Hameed Latif Hospital Pharmacy which was later renamed as Med Plus Pharmacy .It is working with a great mission to serve the man kind in health care by providing the quality services and medicines with professional and experienced employees.

Mission Statement:

“To be the primary provider of pharmaceutical health care of the highest quality& services to both the public and fellow healthcare professionals and committed to work together in creative ways to deliver or provide access to health care services in a respectable , caring and responsible manner which provides long term relationships with our customers because our mission is to serve ”.


“We help people live longer, healthier, happier lives”.

We will achieve our goals by:

Providing the highest customer service and quality medicines to our internal and external customers.
Providing standard setting, proficient, and compassionate pharmaceuticals care services to the patients and health care professionals with the knowledgeable and compassionate pharmacists.
Continuing to grow in an ever changing health care environment.

Core Values:

Respect, Compassion, Integrity, and Teamwork.

Respect: Having regards for and valuing the dignity and uniqueness of every human person.

Offer service in a sincere and polite manner.
Treat others fairly.
Listen and be listened.

Compassion: Showing interest, concern and feeling with others, especially in sorrow and joy.

Treat others as we wish to be treated, with concern for their dignity and need.
Show special concern for persons who are vulnerable, dependent and undeserved.
Recognize, anticipate and respond to a person’s needs

Team work:Being committed to achieving common objectives; working well together; supporting one another and producing high quality results.

Share skills and knowledge accomplish our mission.
Go many miles in meeting the needs of patients and families.
Have a positive professional attitude and give constructive feedback.


Fulfill responsibilities in a competent and professional manner.
Be accountable for our words and actions.
Ensure confidentiality and privacy.