Our Services


The Department of Radiology at Hameed Latif Hospital is well equipped with a Helical CT Scanner (4-slice Brightspeed GE), Hitachi 8500 Color Doppler, Toshiba Aplio Color Doppler, Ultrasound Scanners (Voluson 730 GE with 4-D, Logic 500 MD GE), Mammography (Alfha RT, GE) and Radiography (CR, GE). The Department provides services for both the outdoor referrals and the admitted patients. The women/ female (Gynae / Obstetrics, infertility), paediatric, oncologic and patients with GI/ GU complaints constitute the bulk of the referrals

Facilities Available:

Radiography (CR) 

  • Plain film radiography (including the Skeletal Survey)

  • Fluoroscopic procedures (Barium/ Gastrograffin/ Contrast Studies, Hysterosalpingography)

  • Portable x-ray facility

  • Ultrasonography

  • General Routine Studies (Chest, Abdomen, Pelvis)

  • Gynaecological (including follicular monitoring)/ Obstetrical Studies (including 4-D and BPP)-  TAS & TVS

  • Breast and Axillary ultrasound

  • Cranial, Neck, Thyroid, MSK-related Studies

  • Doppler Studies (Carotids, Renal, Testicular, Peripheral arterial and venous)

  • Ultrasound report is delivered within half an hour of scanning.

  • Mammography (Film-screen)

  • Screening

  • Diagnostic

  • Most of the reports are delivered on the same day. Few patients are called next day for correlative ultrasound.

  • CT Scanning

  • General (regional) body imaging

  • HRCT (Lungs, Petrous bones etc.)

  • CT Angiography (Carotids, CTPA, Renal, Abdominal etc.)

  • Biphasic Studies (Liver, Pancreas)

  • 3-D Bone Imaging

  • Most of the reports delivered on the same day.

  • Basic Interventions

  • US / CT guided biopsies

  • Drainage procedures