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The hematology & oncology department consists of team of experienced consultant doctors, medical officers and staff nurses.

Headed by Prof. Zeba Aziz (M.D.) a leading oncologist of the country having a vast working experience in USA, not only in the field of oncology but hematology as well. The team further consists of two senior consultant oncologists & and medical officers, who are responsible not only for administrating & planning the chemotherapies, but also the patient & attendant counseling from the possible side effects of the chemotherapies, to how to take these problems. The team here 24/7 emergency services but also have liaison with other consultants of different specialties like surgery, pulmonology, gastroenterology, cardiology, neurosurgery. The chemotherapy room consists of comfortable recliners and bed, designed for the patients comfort. The most modern equipment is used for patients monitoring during the chemotherapies. Our staff nurses are expert not only in taking the conventional intravenous lines but also they are expert in using the PK lines & Port-a-Cath’s.

We do not believe, not only in the patients comfort, but also for the attendants comfort. That’s why we have comfortable waiting area equipped with television, magazines & Wifi facilities.