Nutrition Care Center offers expertise and services related to dietary and nutritional lifestyle changes to prevent or reduce health risks and to manage serious health conditions and disease.

Our Nutritional and dietary expertise is focused on improving the quality of your life, whatever your health status.

Health Nutritional and Dietary Management of: 

  • Weight Problems

  • Management and support for young growing women

  • Digestive Disorders


Nutritional Support for: 

  • Healthy pregnancies and outcome
  • Dietary management and exercise after C-section
  • Post Natal Care Weight Management

Medical Conditions:

Nutritional and Dietary Management of: 

  • Diabetes Mellitus

  • Compromised Renal Function/Failure

  • Cardiovascular (Heart Disease)

  • Nutritional Support For Stroke Patients

  • NG Feed

  • External Parental Nutrition

  • Other Disease