We are committed to contribute to the new generation through bridging and exploring the gaps in reproductive technologies. The first test tube baby of the world, Louise Brown was born on 25th July 1978.The first IVF Center in Pakistan was established six years later in early 1985 in Lahore by Prof. Dr. Rashid Latif Khan. At that time there were only a few centers even in the developed world and it was not easy to acquire training in this field. Most of the centers were in the process of developing and improving various techniques and tended to be secretive. Prof. Dr. Rashid Latif Khan attended a course at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia in late 1983 following which this center was started. The late Dr. Qamar Zaman joined him and they named it the Infertility Advisory Center IAC). Soon after Dr. Farrukh Zaman and Dr. Saqib Siddiq also became members of the consulting team. The responsibility to run the IVF Laboratory was given to Dr. Tahir Nizami with the assistance of Mr. Kausar Siddiqi.

To maintain high quality of standards and to overcome the teething problems, a working liaison was established with the Assisted Conception Unit of King’s College Hospital, London. Dr. John Parsons, head of that unit, visited this center a number of times with us embryologists to streamline the functioning of our laboratory. Dr. Farrukh Zaman, Dr. Saqib Siddiq got hands-on training at King’s College Hospital for clinical and laboratory techniques of assisted reproduction.

IAC was initially started at Upper Mall with state-of-the-art equipment available at that time. In August 1986 it was shifted to what is now Hameed Latif Hospital Consultant Complex I. That is where the first test tube baby of the country was conceived and delivered in the year 1989. From 1994 to March 2007 IAC was housed in the basement of Hameed Latif Hospital. In March 2007 the center was shifted to its custom built premises with the new name LIFE (Lahore Institute of Fertility and Endocrinology).

This center had its first positive pregnancy test in September 1987. Unfortunately that was a tubal pregnancy. It took another year before the first intrauterine pregnancy was confirmed (November 1988) and the first test tube baby of Pakistan was delivered on 5th July 1989. That was the beginning of the successful running of this center.

IAC has always been a forward looking organization and has kept abreast with the latest developments in the specialty. In 1990 IAC acquired embryo freezing equipment and the first frozen embryo pregnancy was achieved in 1992. In the same year there was a pregnancy through sperms aspirated from the epidermis (part of testis.) As the technique of Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) became available, IAC acquired this facility and the first ICSI pregnancy was achieved in 1997, which was a big step towards the treatment of male-factor infertility. Another advanced technique is pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), which helps in the diagnosis of genetic abnormalities and hereditary diseases at the embryonic stage. Employing this modality selection of healthy embryos can be made in couples known to have such problems. This center acquired the relevant equipment in 2000.

The core team of the center remains essentially the same. Prof. Dr. Rashid Latif Khan oversees, as ever, the running and development of the center. Professor Muhammad Tayyab remains busy in the clinical aspects along with Dr. Yousaf Latif. The Laboratory work is well looked after by a properly qualified and trained team comprising Dr. Mahrukh and Dr. Haroon Latif along with Dr. Nighat & Mr. Irfan Mahfooz. The embryology lab is supervised by Mr. Kausar Siddiqi. Mr. Salman Siddiqi. Mr. Kausar Siddiqi has the advantage of rich experience of the laboratory work from the very first day of this center.
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