Arif Lab is focused on positioning its clients for optimal success by reducing risk, delivering accurate data and increasing efficiencies.

Arif Lab Offers:21

Comprehensive set of lab services available in the health care field.  It provides laboratory services that are designed to increase speed and precision to accelerate decision making and to define a disease, monitoring clinical management of sick patients and to lead the patients to wards their health management.

Arif Lab Provides:

  • Standardized scientific expertise by Consultants.

  • State of-the-art-Laboratory technology: Instruments and Equipments.

  • Commitment to quality results.

  • Strict compliance with international standards.22

  • Efficient service, customized to patient needs.

  • Open 24 Hours.

  • Hematology Lab. Works under Consultant Haematopathologist and produce results after examination of the Blood and Bone marrow components.

  • Biochemistry and special chemistry lab provides accurate and high quality results for routine and special tests in different body fluids under supervision of consultant Biochemist. It works with fully automated chemistry analyzers and immunoassay systems.

  • Tests regarding organism infections and, immunological reaction studies are carried out under expertise of Consultant Microbiologist in Micro Biology section.

  • Tests report of body tissues and fluids is examined and prepared by Consultant Histopathologist.

  • All Labs are equipped with precision automated instruments along with qualified and trained Lab staff.

  • Consultants: ¬†Best Trained Professors.

  • Blood Bank Technicians