Lactational Management

At Hameed Latif Hospital, our lactation consultants are highly trained in imparting beneficial knowledge on the best ways to feed newly born infants. This can help enhance the women’s breast feeding experience and at the same time help build a strong ‘mother-child bond’. If you are planning to give birth soon, it is advisable to seek the services of our lactation experts, as part of your maternity package, so that you are given tips on breastfeeding before leaving for home with your newborn.

Our lactation experts go beyond theory to practically demonstrate breastfeeding techniques to new mums. They can help new mothers overcome such problems as low milk production, painful breasts, inverted nipples – problems that only a lactation expert can help solve.

Our Doctor's

Dr. Petra Sheraz

Pharm-D (USA), CLC (Lactation Consultant)
Speciality: Lactational Management