Department of Anaesthesia comprises of a group of doctors dedicated to providing highest standards of care to patients coming for surgery. Anaesthesia team assumes a lead role in preparing the patients, ensuring that they are optimally prepared before surgery. Anaesthesia team is not only responsible for the patient’s safety during anaesthesia; the care they provide continue in the postoperative period where they ensure the patient’s safety and comfort in a dedicated environment of Post Anaesthesia Care Unit. Patients who are very sick or unstable are also looked after in the surgical intensive care unit by members of anaesthesia team.

Keeping in view the quality of care and qualification of their consultants, Department of Anaesthesia Hameed Latif Hospital was recognised as a centre for postgraduate training by the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan in 2004. More than 30 former residents of this programme are now working as consultants in Pakistan and abroad after completion of training and earning the highest qualification in Anaesthesia. Anaesthesia teams supervised by consultants are present in the department to ensure patient care round the clock.

Department of Anaesthesia takes pride in being one of the leading centres for pain relief during labour in the country. About 50% of patients delivering at Hameed Latif Hospital receive epidurals for painless deliveries.

Our mission is to provide highest standards of care to our patients and to disseminate our knowledge through high quality training to ensure that the standards of care continue in the future.